January 18th 7-830pm:

Healthy Starts To Kick Off The New Year! Start your year and your day with a healthy breakfast — we’ve got a host of easy, portable breakfast ideas to get you going, so you can tackle the new year with more energy and vitality.


February 15th 7-830pm:

Give Your Heart Some Love with… Fish! Fish doesn’t always get the love it deserves, so we’re here to dispel the myths and simplify cooking methods. We’ll also break down the confusion about omega-3s to mercury. You’ll learn how to make bring fish to your table with ease for more heart-health goodness.


March 22nd 7-830pm:

March is Nutrition Month! Learn why and how you should become a Flexitarian. It’s the perfect time to assess our plates, reduce our meat intake and fill it with more vegetarian options like legumes and greens. We take the fear out of swapping meats and offer loads of meatless dishes even the biggest carnivores will love.

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April 26th 7-830pm:

Spring Clean Your Pantry Save time, money and stress by stocking your healthy pantry with new key staples that have made their way to store shelves. You’ll learn more about foods like sprouted lentils, sprouted breads, seeds and different flours and how to incorporate them in everyday meal-planning.

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