Project Thrive is an 8-week interactive course, aimed at young people aged 11-14, and designed to build confidence and self-esteem through nutrition education, food literacy, and culinary instruction


Do You Want Your Child To Gain Confidence & Independence In The Kitchen?

Elevate your plate, boost your brainpower and roll with the cool crowd in our 8-week extravaganza!

Participants will:

  • Enhance their nutritional knowledge while debunking common food myths
  • Foster healthy eating habits with hands-on skills in the kitchen
  • Develop a positive relationship with food and themselves through a non-dieting lens
  • Learn the benefits of self-care and mindfulness

Adolescents are exposed to messages each day that influence their decisions on how to eat and look at their bodies. Project Thrive will equip them to foster healthier relationships with themselves and others, becoming positive role models & healthy eating advocates among their peers.

* Project Thrive is created by Registered Dietitians and Social Workers

Is It Time To Build A Positive Relationship with Food?

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We introduced you to Project Thrive…our newest program developed by Registered Dietitians and Registered Social Workers. It’s a fun, interactive and educational program created to build self-esteem and confidence. This March Break, encourage your child to THRIVE in the kitchen, in self-confidence and in nutritional choices.

Does Your Child Struggle With Positive Self-Image?


Week 1: Let’s Talk Health

  • Program Overview, Meet the Thrive Team
  • Discuss the connection between food, body, mind and movement

Week 2: Social Media Influence

  • What role does social media play in our eating and mindset?
  • Listening To Your Self-Talk & Introducing Self-Care Principles
  • Social Media: friend or foe?

Week 3: Let’s Get Cooking! 

  • Kitchen Basics 101
  • How to read recipes and preparing a meal
  • Navigating the Grocery Store & Supermarket Scavenger Hunt
  • Let’s Cook: 2 quick and easy recipes!

Week 4: Mindfulness & Nutrition

  • Nutrition Overview & Hydration basics
  • Building a positive relationship with food & self
  • Why mindfulness matters & how emotions impact food decisions
  • Self-reflection & Guided Meditation Activity

Week 5: Body Talk & Trust

  • Nutrition Basics Applied – Using the Balanced Plate Approach
  • Intuitive Eating & Listening to Your Body’s Cues
  • Self-reflection & Guided Meditation Activity

Week 6: Building Meals and Snacks

  • Food Safety Introduction
  • Meal Planning for Success & How to Create a Meal in a Pinch (with what we’ve got!)
  • Budget-Friendly Meals and Snacks you and your friends will love
  • Let’s cook: easy recipe using pantry items

Week 7: Diet Culture Around Us

  • Social Media (Mis)Information
  • Body Image & Navigating Societal Pressures
  • Celebrities and Diet Culture
  • Self-reflection & Guided Meditation Activity

Week 8: Project Thrive Finale 

  • What does Health Mean to You (Now)?
  • Your Thrive Journey: Body Respect, Image & Relationship with Food
  • Let’s Play Jeopardy!

Program Evaluation, Celebration & Certificate Presentation

This program may be eligible for reimbursement by your workplace benefits. Coverage is listed as Registered Dietitian or Registered Social Worker and may be available through most Canadian insurers. Give your benefits provider a call to determine eligibility. Ask a team member for more details.


  1. Expert Guidance: Developed and facilitated by Registered Dietitians and Registered Social Workers with experience in adolescent health
  2. Interactive Learning: Thought-provoking discussions, engaging activities, and practical demonstrations
  3. Tailored Content: Age appropriate content that is relatable (Pilot project geared at young people 11-14, future courses to expand to high school students)
  4. Life Skills: Introducing participants to principles of self-care, body respect, intuitive eating ,and culinary skills that will guide them throughout their lives
  5. Peer Support: Access to a supportive community in a safe space; connect with others to gain skills, knowledge and confidence



With 30 years of nutrition counselling experience, Filomena Vernace-Inserra (Registered Dietitian, RD) provides a compassionate and evidence-based approach to her tailored nutrition counselling programs, educational public workshops and nutrition-fuelled meal planning tools.

Registered Dietitian | Owner, Inner Health Nutrition Consulting
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Project THRIVE is an 8 week transformative program that will guide youth on embracing a positive relationship with food and their bodies. We dive into the art of nourishing not just the body, but mind and soul, too.

During the program, youth will learn about food, nutrition, how to navigate the challenges of social media and beauty standards while teaching the skills needed to thrive and shine with confidence. Youth will also learn how to listen to their bodies, understand their needs, and embark on a journey of self-care and self-love, ultimately creating their own confidence toolkit to set themselves on a path to THRIVE in all aspects of their life.

Registered Dietitian
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Being comfortable and confident in the kitchen can only be created in the kitchen – so that’s where we’ll be!

Cooking is a basic life skill, but it is also a way we show love to ourselves and to others, while building a positive relationship with food.

During the culinary component of Project Thrive, we’ll be starting with the basics in the kitchen, and work on creating meals and snacks while building your skills, confidence, understanding of food, and what it means to nourish your body.

Registered Dietitian
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Project THRIVE goes beyond food and nutrition, recognizing the important connection between physical health, mental health, and overall well-being. The program addresses mental and emotional well-being, providing a safe space for self-expression, support and learning.

At THRIVE, we also recognize the importance of community support in fostering positive development. Project THRIVE empowers youth to navigate challenges with confidence by providing them with life skills, highlighting the interconnected aspects of food, health, and social well-being.

Registered Social Worker
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Inner Health Nutrition Consulting has been committed to helping local communities reclaim their health and well-being since 2000.

Administrative Dietitian Assistant

Fueling young minds and bodies, we blend the art of self-care with nutrition so youths stand out from the inside out.


Join our exclusive squad of teens on a mission to conquer the world with the power of self-discovery and confidence!

Sessions Will Be Held At:
The Lauft at Vaughan Mills
1 Bass Pro Mills Drive #733
Vaughan, ON L4K 5W4



9 AM – 6 PM

905-265-2140 | 647-980-2650
[email protected]


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