Happy Holidays!

During this very busy time of year, we hope that you will remember to keep yourself top of the list and a priority through healthful eating, proper hydration, adequate rest, and destressing. Self-care is of upmost importance at this time and checking in on yourself is key!

Skipping meals, forgetting to drink water, and staying up late to get to all your “to-do’s” adds to the stress of the holidays and we hope that you will take a pause today as you read this newsletter and listen to our great content, to take care of you – your highest priority.
From all of us here at Inner Health Nutrition Consulting, we wish you a very Happy and Healthy Holiday season. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to bring you credible evidence-based nutrition information each month paired with delicious recipes in this Newsletter format. We would love to hear your feedback as to what you would like to see in the coming year. Please reply to this email with your feedback!

May you experience the light of laughter, the warmth of love, and the joy of gratitude this season and beyond.

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